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This blog is for poetry and writing enthusiasts. The readers will find a lot of information about poetry writing, poets, promotional writings, and more. To make the blog richer in relevant content, we are inviting writers to join our team. If you are a poet or a writer, you can contribute to our blog and give the readers useful insights about poetry and other forms of writing.

This is a guest writing post, and you can consider this as your second job. You only need to work for a few hours and provide us with interesting articles related to poetry and other writing. If you are a poet, you will have good knowledge about understanding and writing poetry. You can give our readers tips on how to become a good poet.

You can share your thoughts on some of the best poetries. Your reviews and explanations will help the readers understand poetry better. They will get inspiration to read more poetry. You can suggest the best poetry books or poets to our readers. This will help them to fill up their bookshelves with the best poetry books.

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You can write about other writing types, too, like prose or promotional writings. The articles will help the readers to learn about different writing styles.

To write for us, you need to follow some guidelines. The articles must be plagiarism-free and unpublished. You must do research before writing the articles. If you mention any fact or news, then you should write down the source. We prefer you to include a relevant image with your writing to make the article more attractive.

The articles must be less than 800 words long. They must contain persuasive headings. The writing style should be conversational so that the readers can relate to your writing. You should proofread the articles before submission to avoid any errors.

You can contact our team to learn more about this writing opportunity. If you are interested, you should submit your CV along with a sample of your previous writing.