5 Best Canadian Poets You Should Know About

Some great Canadian poets have marked their talents in Canadian and international literature. Their works are still appreciated by poetry lovers. Here you will learn about some of the best Canadian poets.

Charles G. D. Roberts

He is one of the most internationally acclaimed Canadian poets. He wrote about Canadian natural history. He is also known as the ‘Father of Canadian Poetry’.

He has written several poetry books, including In Divers Tones, The Book of the Native, Orion, and Other Poems, and more. “The Solitary Woodsman” and ‘The iceberg’ are some of his most famous poems.

Robert W. Service

Most of his poems were inspired by the stories of the Klondike Gold Rush. He is known as ‘the Canadian Kipling’ and has been the most commercially successful poet. People loved reading his poetry books.

Some of his best poems include ‘The Shooting of Dan McGrew’, ‘the Call of the Wild’, and others. If you are a poetry lover, you should have ‘Songs of a Sourdough’, and ‘Songs of the Yukon’ in your collection.

Archibald Lampman

He is considered to be one of the best Confederation poets. He was a nature poet. His first book ‘Among the Millet and Other Poems’ was published in 1888.

He had self-published the book, and it was well accepted by poetry lovers. ‘Lyrics of Earth’  and ‘Alcyone and Other Poems’ are also some of his noteworthy works. Poems ‘In November’, ‘The City’, and ‘Atter rain’ are some of his well-known poems.

William Henry Drummond

He used to write humorous dialect poems, and that’s why many people enjoyed reading his poetry. His first book ‘the Habitant’ was published in 1897. ‘Rights Minds’ and ‘The Last Portage’ were his most loved poetries. You can read the books ‘Johnnie Courtean and Other Poems’, ‘The Great Fight: Poems and Sketches’, and others.

Wilson MacDonald

He was one of the most popular contemporary poets. His collection of poetry includes ‘Song of the Prairie Land’, which was published in 1918. He used to earn his living by writing poetry. The books ‘Exit’ and ‘Out of the Wilderness’ are worth reading.

These poets have inspired other young poets through their wonderful expression of thoughts. You must have their popular poetry books in your library so that you can read their beautiful poems from time to time.