Poems That Talk About Gambling

Gambling is an activity that is exciting and full of different emotions. A person’s life can change overnight by winning or losing in gambling. People have mixed feelings when they gamble. Poets over the years have captured these emotions and events that occur when you gamble. Here are some poems that talk about gambling.


This poem was written by the British-Canadian poet Robert William Service. Here the poet shows intense emotion when a woman decides to bet all the money she has got and pray that she wins. She makes up her mind to commit suicide if she loses by taking lots of sleeping pills. Fortunately, she wins a lot of money and decides to quit the game.

No Fruit Machine Will Get the Better of Me

No Fruit Machine Will Get the Better of Me - Poems That Talk About Gambling

This poem talks about the look and sound of a slot machine. The poet is attracted to the slot machine, and when he wins the jackpot, he screams with excitement. He feels the adrenaline rush by spending his money on the slot machine.

In the poem, he mentions that he loves the colours and sounds of the slot machines. He is very confident in playing the slots and never panics. This poem was written by Wayne Leon Learmond.

The Gambler

The Gambler - Poems That Talk About Gambling

Poet L. G. Mace talks about the gambling environment in this poem. In this poem, you will get a description of the Wild Wild West days. It will remind you of the time when men used to gather in saloons and play cards with whiskey in one hand. The poem talks about a gambler who played poker all night.

These poems are quite popular, and people have been referring to these poems to describe the experience of gambling. People today play online casino games to get an online casino bonus. They get the same excitement gambling online, just like in traditional casinos.