“Humphreys’ selections are a balanced mix of yearning and optimism, and she skillfully brings the solo works together in a collection as complex and satisfying as a symphony.” —Publishers Weekly

“For nine years, this series has been presenting the best of Canada’s published poems in an annual anthology, under the guidance of series editor and poet Molly Peacock… Best Canadian Poetry in English 2016 contains 50 bits of eternity, arranged alphabetically by author from James Arthur to Tara-Michelle Ziniuk.”—Merilyn Simonds, Kingston Whig-Standard

“From love and loss to the political, from formal to informal verse, the Best Canadian Poetry series offers an annual sampling of voices and experiences—a little slice of Canadiana that may be appreciated beyond borders as well.” —Lori A. May, Examiner.com

“Readers will find this edition replete with new and memorable verses that will welcome them into the wilds of poetry.”— Publishers Weekly

“No matter what your tastes, there are some poems here you’ll really like… L’Abbé has done impressive work. The wide range of writers, forms and themes represented here make it a great jumping-off point for readers who might be interested in Canadian poetry but are unsure about where to start.”—Emma Healey, Globe and Mail

“The Best Canadian Poetry represents notable poems published in years past, but it also reminds us of all the goings-on in literary culture across a nation—and invites the reader in to explore well beyond the paperbound pages. It is in the discovery and then the supplementary reading that a true nation of poetry is revealed: fifty poems is the icing on a rich, decadent cake.”—Lori A. May, Poets Quarterly

“The Best Canadian Poetry in English 2013 surveys the Canadian stream and finds it verdant and splendid.” —Michael Dennis, Today’s Book of Poetry

“Wonderful intro essays”—Goodreads

“From traditional verse to prose poems, from tight couplets to drawn out block stanzas, inclusive of free verse and the occasional rhyme, the selections of The Best Canadian Poetry in English 2012 are vast and varied, complex and delightful, and representative of the multi-faceted voices arising coast to coast.”—Lori A. May, Lonely Offices

“A remarkable collection of poems from some of Canada’s best poets. Edited by poet Carmine Starnino.”—Goodreads

“Tightrope is doing a great service to Canadian poetry by launching this series, and Uppal does a commendable job with this go-around. I will definitely keep my eyes open for subsequent editions in the coming years.”—Mark Sampson, Free Range Reading

“Uppal’s introduction is meaty, long and wide-ranging… a worthy introduction to contemporary Canadian poetry…”— rob mclennan, rob mclennan’s blog

“A satisfying amuse-bouche sampling of some of Canada’s most active and celebrated contemporary poets… I enjoyed this collection immensely.”—Rhonda Douglas, Arc Poetry Magazine

“Some of us can only afford a half a dozen or so subscriptions to literary magazines, so the publication of The Best Canadian Poetry in English, now in its third year, is a welcome event.”—Maxianne Berger, Rover Arts

“A big, full flavour on each and every page of this satisfying anthology”—Lori May, Poets’ Quarterly

“The collection is a survey of 50 of Canada’s most eloquent, profound, humorous and meditative writers, ranging from the seasoned and well known to the new and upcoming.”—Eric Schmaltz, Broken Pencil

“… the chosen fifty, presented alphabetically from Atwood to Zwicky, are in no way devoid of delights, and my notes record many remarkable moments.”—Maxianne Berger, Rover Arts

This would be an excellent book for the academic and the casual poetry fan who wants to dust off the rust in their CanLit poetry ligaments.”Michael Peckham, Broken Pencil

“The collection is a unique glimpse at a diversity of poets, from Ottawa’s David O’Meara to Margaret Atwood to the revered P.K. Page.”—Cormac Rae, Ottawa Xpress

“Lovers of poetry should buy this volume: read some good poems, and encourage the future of this series.”—Rover Arts
“Bravo: a Canadian first. Tightrope Books releases its first annual roundup of poetry from Canadian journals, revealing what poets are up to in their proverbial basements, garrets and broom closets from coast to coast to coast. Buy it, or borrow it, but do read it.”– Paul Tyler, Arc